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House Staff - Collaborators

Makeup Artist

Andrea Y. Green Headshot.jpeg

Andrea Y. Green is a native of Huntsville, Alabama.  She graduated from Alabama A&M
University with a Bachelor degree in English and a minor in Criminal Justice. She also graduated from Florida
Institute Technology with a Master’s degree in Business Administration.


Ms. Green is the owner/operator and Lead Makeup Artist of Anointed Artistry, located in Huntsville, AL. With over 5 years experience as a freelance MUA, Ms. Green as been regionally connected with brands such as Party Life Bus, Rock Your Crowne, along with several others, as a vital "Glam Squad" team member. 


Andrea is passionate about many things. Among them are her love for the beauty industry, a strong desire to serve, while encouraging and ministering to others. In her free time Andrea serves as a mentor for the youth. She is the embodiment of what this agency represents. Her talent, skills, education, and dedication to bringing out the simple, natural beauty and artistry of a sometimes "overdone" industry give Ms. Green a perfectly designed lane to operate in.

Talent Scout


Michelle Parker also, known as "Mimi". She has been managing models and artists for 9 years.


Michelle is no stranger to the runway, she started her modeling career off in Toledo, OH where she has done shows with Sears, Windsor, and more. Mimi then went on to become a Barbizon model which eventually got her signed with her first talent agency Stone Model and Talent Agency. Mimi progressed and moved into Acting & Voice overs.


When it comes to Talent she knows what it takes. Before moving to Huntsville,AL she studied in the Performing Arts specializing in dance and theater. Mimi then fell in love with all things production, and now her knowledge, skills and training will be an asset to KeLaChe' Modeling & Talent Development Agency as a Talent Scout! 

House Stylist


Duane Jones , native of Anderson, Indiana now residing in the rocket city of Huntsville, AL 


A hard working individual, Duane has worked as financial advisor for a local financial  institution for about 2 years now. He has also worked in retail for several years, which sparked his passion for fashion. 


Being from a small town where being different was considered wrong and abnormal, Duane knew that being different would be difficult but this did not deter him from reaching his dreams. His love for fashion and his distinct taste in clothes has motivated him to follow his dreams of becoming a international celebrity stylist.

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